Our website is eco-designed

In line with Orange’s commitment to bringing about a responsible digital world, an eco-design approach was adopted when developing this website for the 2022 Integrated Annual Report to minimize its environmental impact without compromising on the user experience.

Our approach

We called on the expertise of Greenspector, a trusted, independent body that measures the environmental impact of digital services and recommends solutions to optimize performance. Based on three criteria – greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and land use – its calculations measure not only the resources and energy consumed by a user’s device, but also the “ideal” demand on shared network and server infrastructure.


70/100 ​
in Greenspector’s EcoScore test, up significantly from the previous year, which scored 48/100.
1.48 Mo
transferred each time a new page is loaded, well below last year (4.68 Mo).

Core principles

Review of the website design

All website features were reviewed to assess their relevance and avoid including superfluous content.

Measurements and analysis

Our previous integrated annual report websites were analyzed to identify areas for improvement and best practice.


We chose our content wisely to save on bandwidth and reduce the environmental impact.

Technical audit

An auditing tool was used when developing the website to check the default settings.